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"DESTINY" w/ Whitney Weiss & DJ Nick

VH1 and your Facebook feed agree: 2016 is THE year of parties with girl names (apologies to 2008 and 2015, you were both really close). Accordingly, a unique sonic Voltron of lady-identified nightlife is on its way to Trophy Bar. 

From the creators of CHERYL and PATSY comes the sassiest new broad on the block: DESTINY. A word (and party) with multiple meanings! A name. A concept. A feeling. An extraordinary unifying nocturnal experience. It’s precisely the sort of new, bold, and fabulous adventure you have been yearning for all of your natural life. And Nick (CHERYL) and Whitney (PATSY) are here to give it to you. 

So, come celebrate the birth of DESTINY with us at Trophy Bar on Saturday, April 16th, in Brooklyn (the center of the universe) New York.

Costume ideas: blonde wigs, jumpsuits, effervescence, the quiet self-confidence that comes with an enviable variety of life experience, glitter enemas, red lipstick, Texas, your future, anything spangly. 

It’s your DESTINY.

It’s our DESTINY.

It’s everyone’s DESTINY.


DJ Nick is fresh from a series of west coast dates and his PAT debut. As 33.3 percent of CHERYL and half of OWL, he’s blazed bold and glitter-covered trails in gay gay gay gay New York nightlife while also honing his skills on the decks in far-flung places like Manchester, Lisbon, and random islands off the coast of Africa in the middle of nowhere.

Whitney Weiss is based between Paris, Berlin, and Buenos Aires and regularly plays in many other cities around the world, including memorable sets at CHERYL parties in New York and Europe. Her extracurricular activities include Les Poppeurs, a bi-monthly bi-curious Italo party at London’s Dalston Superstore, and PATSY, a sporadic queer trainwreck of debauchery that’s featured guest DJs like Teki Latex, Hannah Holland, Kiddy Smile, and Jonjo Jury.